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A place of community. A place of care.

What is Summer House?

What if memory care came wrapped in a place as warm and bright as a cherished summer home? Here, it does. Welcome to Summer House at Vista del Monte, a unique memory care neighborhood for individuals with Alzheimer’s and related dementia. Located on the grounds of Vista del Monte Retirement Community in Santa Barbara, this is a place where individuals with cognitive and memory challenges can truly feel at home. Download our brochure to learn more.

A place of warmth and serenity.


Home, in a protected environment.

Ours is a neighborhood of 24 residences — each with modern comforts and classic styling. This specially tailored space, designed for those with Alzheimer’s or dementia, offers colorful living spaces adorned with engaging art by local artists and residents, family-style dining and picturesque grounds. Click here to watch a video tour of Summer House.

Ask us about our limited time move-in special, which includes a $750 credit toward moving expenses. Call for details!

Personalized care that comes from the heart.


Innovation and warmth.

We are distinguished by engaging, compassionate care that emphasizes dignity and whole-person wellbeing. And every day, we work to meet the needs of each individual at Summer House. Our compassionate staff helps residents flourish through personal attention, meaningful connection, and opportunities for self-expression. From music therapy and cultural events to the cognitive enrichment the latest technologies offer, this is a nurturing, stimulating environment.

"The smiles I see after helping residents with a task are priceless, particularly when I lend a hand and make what seemed impossible to them become possible."

—  Amy R. Resident Services Director

"Our employees take pride in what they do and make Summer House a unique and special place to live and work. I am proud to call myself their executive director."

—  Douglas T. Executive Director

"Everyday I am reminded why I chose nursing. Seeing a smile on residents' faces who I help, allows me to go home with a heart full of joy."

—  Marlene G., LVN Health Clinic Manager

At the core of our community.

The Front Porch Family

Front Porch is a not-for-profit family of communities and partnerships, including Summer House at Vista del Monte. We are dedicated to improving the lives of our residents, and their needs are at the heart of everything we do.

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What’s Humanly Possible®?

Humanly Possible® defines our culture and our cause. We are dedicated to doing everything humanly possible to creatively meet the needs of those we serve. It is an authentic call for every mind, discipline, and level of our organization to focus on what’s possible, what’s achievable, and what’s next.

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A Strong Foundation

Front Porch is built on the power of partnership. Philanthropic support for Summer House at Vista del Monte comes from the Front Porch Communities Foundation, a Front Porch supporting charitable organization dedicated to service and philanthropy.

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More about Summer House at Vista del Monte

How Summer House at Vista del Monte Compares to other Alzheimer's Care Facility Communities in Santa Barbara

Whether you’re in the early stages of dementia and planning for the future of managing care for a loved one, finding the right Santa Barbara Alzheimer’s care facility to call home can make a real difference in the quality of life for someone suffering with memory loss.

At Summer House at Vista del Monte, we take great pride in our ability to enrich the lives of those who require specialized memory care. We recognize you have many options when shopping for a Santa Barbara Alzheimer’s care facility and do everything in our power to ensure our residents’ experience is a cut above the rest.

From personalization to innovation and a genuine expression of compassion and community, Summer House at Vista del Monte is a truly unique memory care neighborhood within an exceptional retirement community that’s well-known in Santa Barbara. Learn more about our life changing philosophy.

Technology that Matters

In conjunction with the Front Porch Center for Innovation and Wellbeing, the memory care experts at our Santa Barbara dementia care facility have access to an incredible toolbox of groundbreaking cognitive development technologies and techniques.

The use of technology makes an elevated level of therapeutic engagement possible and allows residents to stay connected to friends and family and nurture their cognitive abilities.

Some examples of the innovative and engaging tools available at our Santa Barbara senior living community include:

  • Music and Memory Program: Music based therapy aids memory loss sufferers in connecting to their most treasured memories and what matters to them most.
  • iN2L Touchscreen: A state-of-the-art hardware system designed to provide therapeutic games and activities through a purpose-driven design that helps caregivers engage more effectively with dementia patients.
  • PARO Therapeutic Robot: An advanced interactive robot developed by AIST, a leading Japanese industrial automation pioneer, PARO has been proven to relieve stress, improve motivation and stimulate interaction between dementia or Alzheimer’s patients and their caregivers.
  • Skype: Video calling technology is available for patients to more easily spend time with loved ones between in-person visits.

Technology allows for each resident at Summer House at Vista del Monte Santa Barbara dementia care facility to be provided with a dignified, individualized care plan.

Helping Residents Thrive

While all Santa Barbara assisted living facilities provide kind, compassionate care, the philosophy at Summer House goes beyond simply providing comfortable senior living. We want our residents to flourish. To approach their retirement years with the attitude that anything is possible.

Front Porch’s Humanly Possible initiative is at the forefront of driving this ideology.

The concept is simple. As our world changes and new technologies and ideas emerge, we must continue to be creative and open to new solutions in memory care. Through our commitment to pioneering and embracing fresh ways of thinking, we’re able to do whatever is humanly possible to help our Santa Barbara Alzheimer’s care facility residents thrive.

A Focus on Individuality

Losing one’s autonomy and ability to take care of oneself is one of the most difficult challenges a person can face in their lifetime. Adding memory loss to the mix can make this life change even more challenging.

Which is all the more reason why preserving one’s individuality during this confusing time is of the utmost importance.

At Summer House at Vista de Monte Santa Barbara Alzheimer’s care facility, residents are not only treated as the unique individuals they are but also encouraged to blossom and continue to achieve under the guidance of highly personalized care.

While some Santa Barbara assisted living facilities provide cookie-cutter care, our thought process is as unique as each of our residents.

All-Inclusive Pricing for Easy Budgeting

From meals to entertainment, daily social activities, utilities, housekeeping and so much more, the service package at our Santa Barbara senior living community includes planned expenses you might expect to incur so that monthly planning is one less thing to worry about.

Service packages are customized to meet individual needs.

Compassion and Our Whole Person Approach to Memory Care

One simple distinction makes a world of difference between our approach to Alzheimer’s and dementia care and what you may find at other Santa Barbara assisted living facilities. Above all else, our goal is to provide purpose to our residents with Alzheimer’s and other related dementia. Not just personal comforts and physical welfare but a genuine purpose and passion to achieve.

We believe in our residents so our residents can believe in themselves. It’s a brand of compassion that goes beyond empathy and into significant interactions. Our staff form truly meaningful bonds with the residents they work with – because they see each as individuals and understand the importance of building deeper relationships when managing memory loss.

Santa Barbara Dementia Care Facility with Meals Worth Looking Forward To

Meal services include three meals per day plus snacks, all prepared with delicious healthy ingredients across a broad range of flavors and cuisines – but more than just tasty, nutritious food, residents at Summer House at Vista del Monte Santa Barbara senior living community look forward to mealtime because of the fun they’ll have.

We believe that good food should be shared with great friends and our dining room is as much a place for socializing as it is for eating. Creating an environment where meals are interactive and fun is an integral facet in our vision to craft a senior living experience that offers daily opportunities for personal connection and the fostering of a close-knit community.

Santa Barbara Alzheimer’s Care Facility Offers Variety of Group Activities

Life should be an adventure no matter what your age. When your social calendar is planned by the team at Summer House, there’s never a shortage of fun things to do and creative ways to interact with caregivers and friends.

Group activities are available indoors and out and include art, crafts, painting, music, cooking, , pet therapy, gardening, walks, live performances and more.

Residents who are accustomed to having a spiritual element in their life will be encouraged to continue their beliefs in a manner that is personal and inclusive to the beliefs of fellow residents.

Why Summer House at Vista del Monte Alzheimer's Care Facility is the Best Place for Memory Care

Retirement is one of the most exciting times in a person’s life. After many years of working hard, saving and planning for the future, it’s finally time to relax, unwind and take advantage of the freedom to spend time doing the things you love.

For some, memory loss diseases like Alzheimer’s and related dementia can make enjoying one’s retirement years challenging. At Summer House at Vista del Monte, our highly trained staff and innovative Santa Barbara Alzheimer’s care facility make living with memory loss as positive an experience as possible.

Residents at our Santa Barbara dementia care facility not only receive a high level of compassionate care, we strive to integrate real purpose and daily opportunities for personal connections and meaningful interactions.

Learn more about what makes Summer House so special and why our Santa Barbara senior living community is the best place to retire for those with dementia or Alzheimer’s.

Tranquil Location within the Beautiful Vista del Monte Retirement Community

Summer House at Vista del Monte Santa Barbara Alzheimer’s care facility offers a unique setting within a larger retirement community. This means that memory loss residents can receive the 24-hour monitoring they need to feel cared for without feeling isolated in a home only for those with dementia or Alzheimer’s.

Summer House residents enjoy full escorted access to the Vista del Monte Santa Barbara senior living community fun group activities including music, arts and crafts, painting, cooking, walks and off-campus excursions, gardening, pet therapy,  and even live performances.

Santa Barbara Dementia Care Facility with Round the Clock Monitoring

Monitoring technologies help Summer House staff safely monitor memory care residents twenty-four hours per day. Along with frequent personal wellness checks, caregivers monitor residents through:

  • A discreet notification system that alerts staff immediately when a memory care resident has fallen so that assistance can be provided immediately.
  • Motion sensors that notify staff when residents are up and moving during nighttime hours. Maintain autonomy and dignity while protecting against memory loss related issues.
  • Common areas within all Summer House are equipped with double-egress door and sensors. This allows residents the freedom of mobility within Summer House without the risk of accidentally leaving the facility without an escort.

Enjoy a Flexible Visitation Policy to Connect with Those Who Matter Most

Unlike Santa Barbara assisted living facilities with strict visiting hours, at Summer House at Vista del Monte, friends and family are encouraged to visit often. Visitors are welcome between breakfast and nine o’clock at night and are free to escort their loved one throughout the community and join in group activities together.

Our Santa Barbara Alzheimer’s care facility understands the importance of maintaining connections with the most important people in your life. From puzzles to games or a walk through our manicured gardens, visits are interactive and fun.

Colorful, cheerful common areas are available for cozy home-style family dining.

Santa Barbara Dementia Care Facility Offers Highly Trained Caregivers

Summer House staff meet all Department of Social Services requirements in Alzheimer’s and dementia care for Santa Barbara assisted living facilities. In addition, all caregivers receive specialized on-going training in understanding the disease process in order to better assist memory loss residents in their journey to building a more meaningful life.

Along with aiding resident in personal care, dining, cleanliness and daily living, our team strives to support cognitive abilities and morale by encouraging participation, leading engaging activities and providing the right amount of assistance to balance autonomy and personal safety.

Santa Barbara Alzheimer’s Care Facility Features Private or Shared Housing

Summer House offers beautifully appointed residences mingled with multi-purpose rooms, relaxing courtyards, dining and wellness facilities and more.

Arranged as studio apartments with a private bath, each unit is designed for shared or individual living and is furnished and ready to be decorated with your favorite photos, keepsakes and other treasured items from home.

Monthly budgeting includes a single fee that covers the accommodation and most services, including an individualized care plan.

Plans cover daily dining, most utilities, medication management, personal care and assistance, social and recreational events, campus security, incontinence care (except supplies) if needed, regular housekeeping, linen service and personal laundry, iN2L educational and entertainment system and more.

Developing an Innovative Approach to Cognitive Engagement

If you’re looking for a Santa Barbara Alzheimer’s care facility where introducing the latest technological advancements in memory care is simply part of the culture, you’ll love Summer House at Vista del Monte. As part of the Front Porch family of memory care facilities, staff have access to the latest in fresh ideas related to treating and managing memory loss diseases.

The Front Porch Center for Innovation and Wellbeing fosters a unique brand of Alzheimer’s and dementia care through a commitment to listening to the individual and a promise to identify and understand the real-world human needs faced by residents at our senior living communities.

By leveraging technology with outside the box thinking and a willingness to explore the evolving needs of the people we serve, an ever-evolving system of cognitive engagement helps memory care residents live better than without such innovations.

Come Home to an Absolutely Breathtaking Southern California Setting

The name Summer House is inspired by the feeling you get during a weekend escape to your beautiful summer cottage. Warm colors, warm sunshine, beautiful foliage and the peaceful tranquility that comes with putting your feet up and enjoying the best that life has to offer.

Our Santa Barbara Alzheimer’s care facility isn’t just a safe place to call home. It’s a unique memory care neighborhood that will put a smile on your face and provide the kind of natural serenity typically found only in vacation destinations. Beautifully manicured grounds, gardens and walkways combine for a stunning setting that is only matched by our team’s commitment to providing engaging, compassionate care that emphasizes dignity and whole-person wellbeing.